Like the virgin

This is a study I made today on Photoshop CS. darkroom. There's a selection on the main character and another one for the background. I used PSP's tools like a drawer to sculpt the shadows and the high lights. I've changed her neck's proportion a little bit. Her eyes are brighter and I reworwed on her make up too. I added a halo around her head because for me my original picture talked about the Virgin Mary...a very nice, mysterious and sensual one. Like a modern symbol of women's beauty. Well I'm always looking for the human soul, spirit and skin inside and through a mannequin or a statue's face and body !
I shot this mannequin's picture in Zara's shop window at: Les Champs Elysées in Paris.

Photo: September 3rd 2006

Date de cette photo : 20 juin 2007 - 17:12
Envoyé par : Olivier J

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