Around the Fountain 02

It was at the last "Gay Pride" in Paris. I took portraits of high colors "Creatures", under a very warm sun... and by far I saw a park (Garden Robert Cavelier de la Salle) a fountain and some people climbing on it. Quickly I approached and a group of young people were in the water of a Fountain, some of them were dancing, laughing, kissing (& more...). Very quickly and "Show"... The feeling to be in Berlin for the "Techno-Parade" or for an advertising clip for Coca-Cola or a famous TV advert for a chewing-gum's mark.

Canon G5: 100 iso, 1/800 sec, f:4, 61 mm

Date de cette photo : 20 juin 2007 - 16:57
Envoyé par : Olivier J

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