Witold Pruszkowski - Water Nymph - Krakow - Poland

W Pruszkowski-Water Nymphs-National Museum-Krakow-Poland-10-2015. Photo: Olivier Daaram © - I’m coming back from a travel in Poland where I visited the National Museum in Krakow. I loved (among many other ones) this painting by Witold Pruszkowski: « Rusałki // Water-Nymphs ». Oil on canvas. 1877. On the left the full painting. On the right side a close up. - Je rentre d’un voyage en Pologne. J’y ai visité le Musée National de Cracovie. J’ai beaucoup aimé cette oeuvre (parmi tant d’autres) de Witold Pruszkowski: « Rusałki //... [Lire la suite]