Les anges de Paix

Les anges de Paix // Peace Angels

I took this picture last Sunday in the : Jardins (gardens) des Champs Elysées in Paris at the: Fontaine du cirque (Circus fontain) near the Marigny theatre (sorry I can't find something more about this monument.
My original picture was in color and I reworked on it with Photoshop CS during hours to find the precise toning and light I wanted. I reworked on it thinking about the very first photos on glass in history...
Some people could think that the final result is a bit too dark and the contrast weird on the picture's top...but that's probably because they're so used to digital pictures with a perfect exposure.
Well my vision about my work is to show timeless pictures with calculated visual imperfections.
Maybe that you'll have to watch it in the obscurity around your computer's screen...in that case you'll be able to see more details and my creation will become interactive !

Date de cette photo : 20 juin 2007 - 22:45
Envoyé par : Olivier J

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