The dream of the white elephant

The Dream of the white elephant
Once I met a guy...a friend's friend and he became my best friend...then he met my sister fall in love with her and lived with her and her son. One day this friend decided to stop to breathe because life was a black blind monster for him I suppose. So we came to his funeral with my sister. At night when we came back home... by the car's sister and I saw a beautiful lightening white cloud...with the shape of a white little elephant. I watched my sister and she was looking at the same cloud...and we smiled one to each other. It was like a message from the Gods talking to us about wisdom, peace and our future happiness. Then my sister died 3 months ago from a she will never see and kiss the white little elephant. She lets behind her 18 years old kid on his own without a real father but this kid is a master of wisdom so... Yesterday was my sister's birthday...on april 12th 2006 she will never has 44. today I dream and cry the white little elephant to come

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